April 15, 2013
Knight of Glory - فرسان المجد - Falafel Games partner with Chinese developpers to launch Arabic MMO game on iPhone

Mezzabites Technologies Company LTD. the Honkong based startup operating under the name of Falafel Games, is partnering with Tianzhuo (a 70 people Massively-Multiplayer Online games developer in China) to produce what might be the 1st Arabic MMO to launch on iPhone.

Falafel Games got an investment from MBC Ventures, the Investment arm of MBC media group.

‘Knights of Glory‘ - فرسان المجد - an MMO with a local flavor where the  setting reflects the history and military of the region in the  islamic expansion era  , after approval by Apple’s App Store,  the Game is expected to be available soon on the apple store.

Below a promotional video allowing to get a free copy of the game:

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