April 17, 2013
Offering for download 4500 Classic PC Games the internet archive becoming a software archive …

Archive.org also know as “the way back machine” or internet archive, is a site that have been archiving images, text and audio for some time.

Now the website have started a new category, the Software Archive which is designed to offer legally downloadable software.

Software has been collected from over 1,500 Shareware CD-ROMs. partnerships with other independent archives, including the Shareware CD Archive, the TOSEC archive, the FTP site boneyard, and the Disk Drives collection have allowed the internet archive to expand to over 40 000 title.

the collection so far include:

4,662 Classic PC games

2,719 Open Source Software

2,373 Shareware CDs

33,587 freeware/shareware from Tucows software library

as well as thousands of other software & software pieces

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