April 17, 2013
new Facebook Video ads units - to compete with Youtube & TV

Since IPO, Facebook have been exploring all possibilities to increase revenue, from decreasing the virality of pages activities, to charging users for messaging celebrities …

Now it seams the social network is planning to venture in video advertising, and why not, Youtube video advertising revenue is quite high, TV ads can easily be distributed on FB.

Even if the format is not yet finalized, Facebook is planing to have it launched in June, July.

Some expect the Videos to cover more than the standard facebook ads region, and to have it on autoplay, it would possibly have a 15 sec maximum length, and user would be shown a maximum of 3 video ads a day, if it’s the case, it would be a major set back for the user experience!

It is reported that Facebook isĀ  selling the video placement in 4 daily summer “slots,” each targeting a general demographic: women over 30 & under 30; men over 30 & under 30. These slots are supposed to be available for more than $1 million a day, according to a Facebook insider.

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