May 15, 2013
Google sends Cease and desist to microsoft, because they built a youtube app for windows phones

Google have avoided providing windows phone users with a youtube app, instead suggested they use on their mobile browser to access the videos (which display no ads - this way).

So Microsoft decided to create an app, and they did, only problem is that Google sent MS a cease and desist letter, asking them to remove and deactivate the app! The reasons mentioned:

The MS. youtube windows phone app:
(1) allows users to download videos from YouTube;
(2) prevents the display of advertisements in YouTube video playbacks;
(3) plays videos that were restricted from playback on certain platforms (e.g., mobile devices with limited feature sets).

Online remarks on this situation:

Google has created the perfect catch 22 situation to keep Microsoft from creative a dedicated Youtube app.
On one hand Google removed Windows Phone YouTube app because it does not display ads.

On the other hand Google won’t grant Microsoft access to the necessary APIs needed to displays ads with the app. A catch 22 indeed, so much for not being evil Google.

Catch 22 – A situation in which a desired outcome or solution is impossible to attain because of a set of inherently illogical rules or conditions

the cease and desist letter:

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