July 4, 2013
Google to capitalize on the Adwords keyword tool

Google have had a keyword tool available since few years, it basically allowed anyone to query the tool for specific keywords, to know the total number of times these specific keywords were searched for!

So far, anyone was able to quickly find the most frequent keywords, especially companies offering search engine optimization services, but all that is about to change.The search giant, have recently decided to make this tool available only when you login to your adwords account…..

did you notice what they did here?

To access the tool you will need to have a functioning Adwords account (Google’s money cow), not an analytics account, not a webmaster tools account but an Adwords account! This step will probably increase their revenue a bit, by making more companies potential advertisers on the Search engine display ad network and ads on top of search results.

The Announcement is displayed on top of the Google keyword page, it reads:In the coming months, the external Keyword Tool will no longer be available. To get keyword ideas, sign in to your AdWords account and try Keyword Planner.

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