April 17, 2014
That’s what i call server cooling!

That’s what i call server cooling!

April 17, 2014
Advertising on Google Plus, is now possible!

Google is trying a to monetize its social network by letting brands turn Google+ content into display ads, as announced by the company on the  adwords blog and Google +.

Google is also going to introduce 2 new features: promoted Hangouts on Air and automatic post promotion.

To be able to use the new advertising format, advertisers must meet the following requirements:

  • They have a Google+ page with at least 1,000 followers.
  • They are using a post that contains content relevant to their audience.
  • They have opted in to shared endorsements for Google+ pages.

April 17, 2014
Google Glass 1 day public sale was a success!

Google allowed on Tuesday and for a single day anyone in the US, to buy it’s smart galsses GLASS, and the company has revealed that its allocation of devices is now sold out, without revealing how many devices were allocated on the Google Explorer program for this 1 day sale.

The device costs $1500, but if you did not succeed in getting it, there’s still hope, as Google says it will “be trying new ways to expand the Explorer program in the future.”

April 14, 2014
Google beats Facebook by buying the drone company, the latter eyed!

Facebook IPO and the huge injection of cash into the company made the task harder for other tech giants to acquire startups and companies.

Facebook throws stupid money to buy startups and companies, which the other tech giants are not used to! And as a result Facebook gets what Facebook wants!

Not this time, the social network was very interested in drone technology, and in talks to acquire Titan Aerospace but Google did beat it in closing the deal for an undisclosed sum.

Titan drones can help Google with project loon, and the drones also can take high-quality images in real-time that could help with Google Maps” a Google spokesperson told WSJ.

April 13, 2014
Predicting the future of tech!

Predicting the future of tech!

April 12, 2014
the evolution of mobile devices and laptops in the last decades!!!

the evolution of mobile devices and laptops in the last decades!!!

April 12, 2014
NSA took advantage of Heartbleed for years, surprised ?

When we first reported about Heartbleed, unlike other tech sites we immediately pointed out that this might be an NSA sponsored bug!

Some reports are now pointing that that the National Security Agency (NSA) knew about the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL, and it used the bug to collect intelligence.

bloomberg cited 2 people familiar with this matter saying: The U.S. National Security Agency knew for at least two years about a flaw in the way that many websites send sensitive information, now dubbed the Heartbleed bug, and regularly used it to gather critical intelligence.

The Heartbleed flaw, introduced in early 2012 in a minor adjustment to the OpenSSL protocol, highlights one of the failings of open source software development, where entities and organizations strong enough can introduce bugs that threatens the essence of the projects!

April 10, 2014
Facebook Messenger forced on everyone very soon!

It seams Facebook strategy to dominate the mobile is to split itself into different mobile apps!No joke!
Do you remember when FB bought Instagram a photo based social network for a billion dollar?
Or when FB launched messenger to compete with Snapchat?
Or when they launched Paper to be your news aggregator ?
Or when they paid $19 billion to acquire Whatsapp?

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, unless you are Facebook and you already have all these options integrated in your main mobile App!

But now FB wants you to be active on these Apps, so the social network started forcing users to use Messenger and it’s main app will no longer support chat in a couple of weeks.

So to simplify things:
- If you have pages you’ll need FB pages App.
- For notifications and comments, you’ll have the standard App.
- For messages sent to you by friends, you’ll have the Messenger App.
- If you are a big consumer of news and stories on your news feed, you have the Paper App.
- If you like sharing a lot of images you have Instagram!

April 9, 2014
Microsoft office for ipad gets 12 million download in just a week!

Office for ipad a Free app for ipad from Microsoft (similar to Office Mobile for iPhone), allows to view documents but editing requires a subscription.

The Office ipad team had a Q/A session on Reddit, and had some interesting stuff to say:

In the first week since launch we’ve seen over 12 million app downloads and heard a lot of valuable feedback.

Students can buy Office 365 University for 4 years for $79.99 total. That covers Office on 2 PC’s, 2 Macs and 2 tablets – for only $1.67 per month.   Or they can try Office 365 for free for 30 days at www.office.com/try You also get OneDrive storage of 20G and 60 min of free Skype calling.

Office for iPad is not yet available for right-to-left languages (like Hebrew, Arabic) . We want to make sure that (1) documents look as good as they do on a PC, and (2) you don’t lose any content or formatting when you edit on an iPad. We aren’t able to guarantee both for right-to-left languages (Hebrew, Arabic) right now and have decided not to launch yet in countries whose primary languages are RTL.

April 9, 2014
How SSL was taken advantage of through the The Heartbleed Bug

SSL is used by almost every login based site (more than 2/3rd of servers) , it is an encryption technology that allows internet users to protect the privacy of information they transmit over the web (data, credit cards,email,…).

When you visit a secure website (emails, banks,social profile), you’ll see a lock next to the URL, indicating that your communications with the site are encrypted and 3rd parties won’t be able to read any information you send or receive.

SSL transform data into a coded message that only the recipient knows how to decipher.OpenSSL, the most common SSL system, and it seams it have had a bug during the last 2 years that allowed eavesdropping!

Here’s how it works: the SSL standard includes a heartbeat option, which allows a computer at one end of an SSL connection to send a short message to verify that the other computer is still online and get a response back.
Researchers found that it’s possible to send a cleverly formed, malicious heartbeat message that tricks the computer at the other end into divulging secret information. Specifically, a vulnerable computer can be tricked into transmitting the contents of the server’s memory, known as RAM.  And then attackers using the technique can “sort through that information by doing pattern matching to try to find secret keys (information servers use to unscramble encrypted information it receives), passwords, and personal information like credit card numbers.”

Was this just a bug? or was it intentional? was the NSA involved? too many questions, but no answers!