Reddit Live blog is open for all - browser update in real-time »

Reddit have tested this feature for a while allowing only Reddit employees to create these live streams and authorize trusted “reporters” to contribute.

But now it’s open for all, , anyone can create a Reddit Live blog and submit their ongoing threads to a dedicated subreddit. This would have been an amazing feature if it was revealed before the world cup! Especially that it allow users to embed tweets, videos etc …

The difference is, that unlike traditional Reddit posts, these threads will update in your browser automatically and in real-time.

To make a live thread, need to start here:

example of the live thread:


Firefox new tab homepage have a giant search box! »

Mozilla released a couple days ago Firefox 31, patching 14 vulnerabilities,adding a Google-provided service that detects and blocks known malicious files before they’re downloaded.

Above the nine thumbnails representing the user’s most frequently visited/ or pinned websites, the new tab page now have a big search box.

Typing a search string in the box will launch a search using the search tool selected via the menu bar. When the search engine is changed in the menu bar, the search box will change as well.

Microsoft Surface Pro Video ad is Sexy and they know it!

Facebook making more money from ads and mobile! »

Are you asking yourself why your facebook page reach have plummeted? are you wondering why your shares and status updates are rarely seen by your friends?

Here’s the answer, your social media is becoming a paid social media, these days when you share something with your facebook friends the site will offer you to pay in order to reach them all, if you don’t, you’ll probably only reach 10-20%.
Pages are worse, pages reach less than 5% eventhough many expect the number to be around 1%, as for the pages labeled by facebook as community pages they reach less than 0.5%!

And all this have been happening in the last year, and as a result the people and companies are finding themselves with no other option but to put in facebook a bigger part of their advertising budget.

Facebook yesterday posted second-quarter sales that surged 61 percent to $2.91 billion, exceeding analysts’ average estimate of $2.81 billion.

Mobile consisted of 62 percent of ad sales, up from 59 from last quater. Net income more than doubled to $791 million, with profit excluding some items at 42 cents a share, above the projection of 32 cents.

Uber to get into Facebook mobile Messenger App »

Zuckerberg has held preliminary talks with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick about potentially integrating Uber private driver service into the Facebook Messenger app, according to re-code sources.

This is just a preliminary discussion, nothing is decided yet, but it seams that facebook founder wants it’s standalone messaging App to be more than the useless redundant messaging app it is at the moment! The sight is set towards competitors WeChat and Line in Asia, that were successful in transforming their apps in eCommerce platforms.

Jibo - a robotic assistant or a SCAM via good CGI effects video?

It may seam difficult to believe but, the real thing might be actually close to what is shown in video, the founder is a MIT Professor and researcher in Robotics, so the product might actually be able to do what the makers claim! Eventhough, there’s some logical points in this crowd fund campaign:
1- Asking amount is too low to develop a prototype, let alone to start selling!
2- The video looks too good to be true! More of a pixar Wall-E animation than an actual product.
3- Movement wise, the movements are too slick to be real, there’s no feeling of the mechanic movement usually associated with robotic projects!

Jibo’s makers claim it’s the ‘World’s first family robot’. The device sits on a table or bench, and uses two high resolution cameras, 360 degree microphones, and an HD touchscreen to recognise faces, take photos, tell stories, deliver hands free messages, and more.

Jibo has just passed US$1,000,000 eventhough they have only requested a $100,000 funding. They won’t ship the first units until December 2015,and have a planned public release in 2016.

The Tor network compromised and infected as well! - video

NSA employees capture and share nude pictures »

Edward Snowden revealed to the guardian, that the NSA employee record people through the computer camera when in “sexually compromising” situations.

These pictures and videos, especially of women and girls are passed around from employee to another.

The possibility to detect the people in such situation is high, especially that visiting Porn sites probably trigger a sort of NSA monitoring system on the victim’s computer.

Engineers always have a solution, even if it’s not the most adequate! 
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Google Analytics App is now available on iPhone »

After Android, now the Google Analytics is available for iPhone, The app provides the exact same data we get through the desktop. The app also offers Real Time reports, which can be useful to monitoring the site activity live.







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