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Twitter continues acquisition spree with Madbits »

Twitter has acquired startup Madbits, a deep-learning-based computer vision organisation that was founded by Clement Farabet and Louis-Alexandre Etezed-Heydari. They are both protégés of Yann LeCun, who is an integral part of Facebook Artificial Intelligence, the department that deals with developing machine learning code to better work with images.

Facebook, Yahoo, Dropbox, Pinterest and Google have all made efforts (some more successfully than others) in the direction of developing or acquiring computer vision companies that work in this space.

Twitter is the latest entrant in this market with its acquisition of Madbits. The details of the deal have not been made public yet. The founders of Madbits said:

Over this past year, we’ve built visual intelligence technology that automatically understands, organises and extracts relevant information from raw media. Understanding the content of an image, whether or not there are tags associated with that image, is a complex challenge. We developed our technology based on deep learning, an approach to statistical machine learning that involves stacking simple projections to form powerful hierarchical models of a signal.

We prototyped and tested about ten different applications, and as we’ve prepared to launch publicly, we’ve decided to bring the technology to Twitter, a company that shares our ambitions and vision and will help us scale this technology.

We are excited to join the folks at Twitter to merge our efforts and see this technology grow to its full potential.”

This acquisition just highlights the potential that deep learning holds in the field of internet. For start-ups working in the domain of computer vision, it is a good example of a fruitful recognition of their efforts. The rapid change in the internet space has brought on more companies to work in advanced fields such as robotics and computer vision.

What do you think of this acquisition?


Facebook terminating Gifts and forcing Messenger on mobile users! »

Facebook Gifts - which sells gift cards for Starbucks, iTunes…- will be terminated on August 12th. Instead Facebook will be trying a Buy button and would like to put a foot in eCommerce, it won’t be a surprise if FB eventually offer pages to sell items directly and FB gets a cut on sales and money transaction! 

In other news, In the next few days, Facebook mobile App will no longer allow you to send and receive messages, FB will be forcing it’s Messenger App down every mobile user throat. 

“In the next few days, we’re continuing to notify more people that if they want to send and receive Facebook messages, they’ll need to download the Messenger app,” a Facebook spokeswoman said in an email. 

The company’s goal is to make Messenger the best mobile service for messaging, she said, and avoid any confusion that might arise from having two mobile products for the same thing

The real reason might be more related to the fact that FB is trying to beat Snapchat and other messaging Apps, and to do that it will force it 1 billion + users to use this App!

Instagram [Facebook] Launches Bolt a Photo & video messaging App »

Facebook is yet again taking on Snapchat, in addition to the collection of redundant Apps FB have launched recently(slingshot, mentions, Messenger, Paper , …) Bolt seams to be in the same strategy.
What strategy it is? I wish i can tell you, i have no idea!
Facebook seams to be betting on the chances that one App might take off, or they might be hoping to fragment the market enough to be able to buy competition for cheap!

As for Bolt, it’s another ephemeral one-to-one video and photo messaging App, promoted through Instagram. Released on both iOS and Android, but only available in Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand for now!


Google translate now offering definitions »

Google translate is now offering definitions just below the input box, the definition section is populated if you are trying to translate only 1 word.

Like all information, Google does not get involved with the information gathering itself, instead they take advantage of other sites, and then present the information as their own. Google is known to have done this with Wikipedia, Imdb, dictionaries, stocks … but they usually give a link back as reference to the original publisher!

Not with dictionaries though, for some reason not only Google is literally copying the definition from “”,  but also they sabotage it’s rank to always rank below 3rd position for most common words.
The logic is simple, when  a search engine is showing you a definition, but you prefer another, the last thing you want to do, is to land on a page offering the same definition, thus to resolve this issue, Google is removing “” from the sight (meaning the top 3 positions).

It is unclear if Google is getting the “” data through a license agreement, we have reached out  to oxforddictionaries to get a clarification on this issue, we will update you once we get a reply.

Twitter quarterly revenue Of $312M send it’s stock in the clouds »

Twitter reported Quarter 2 revenue of $312 million, and earnings per share of $0.02.
81% of the advertising  revenue came from mobile.
Users wise: they said that there are 271 million monthly active users, up from its 255 million during first quarter of 2014, and 24%, year-over-year. 211 million accessed  through mobile.

Wait! Twitter is still losing:
Twitter’s GAAP net loss totaled $145 million, up from $42 million a year ago. Spamming websites analytics with fake referral » a referrer that kept sending traffic to our site and to my personal website .
After a bit of investigation, it seams many websites are getting this in their analytics, obviously many are curious, what is this new search engine that keep sending traffic?!

It’s not a search engine, and it’s not sending traffic either, it is a SEO and Analytics company based in Ukraine, that is spamming your analytics via their spam crawler!  Once you notice them, there’s a possibility that you will check their site, and when you do, there’s a possibility that you might buy their SEO service or signup for their analytics stats (which by many accounts is not that great).

It would be harmless if it wasn’t for the fact that their crawler also trigger customer support and chat services like Zopim etc…

Here’s what the company have on their about us website:

Semalt LLC is the Europe-based company established in September 2013. The corporate headquarters is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Semalt LLC is a web service and software developer aimed at creating a high-quality cutting-edge and available SEO and marketing analytics tool.

Zillow to swallow Trulia makes mega realestates site! »

Zillow will buy Trulia for $3.5 billion in stock,by offering 0.444 Zillow share for each share in Trulia, a premium of 25 percent based on the closing price last week.

Together, the two control 61% of online home listings. Zillow with it’s reported 83 million users & Trulia with it’s reported 54 million.

The new Zillow will form a real estate giant!

Microsoft China offices raided by investigators »

Microsoft is being investigated by the Chinese government, for what? we are not yet sure! Some sources say it is related to antitrust, but recent NSA scandals could be the real cause.

Chinese Investigators made unannounced visits to Microsoft’s offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

In late May, the Chinese government announced it would ban government use of Windows 8. Two weeks later, the state-run broadcaster CCTV aired a critical TV show in which experts suggested Windows 8 was being used by NSA/ others to grab information on Chinese citizens.

Google wants you to help improve it’s translation service, for FREE! »

The company that is making billions of dollars each year, is too cheap to hire few hundred translators to help fix it’s translation service, and instead want to get people to work for free!

Their solution to the hilarious translation Google translate offers is a Translate Community, which allows anyone to join,  and allows bilingual people - or not - the option to offer their own translations and validate current translations.

Here’s the official statement we quoted below:

In the new community, you’ll find options to help with a variety of things, including generating new translations and rating existing ones. Over time, you’ll find more ways to contribute, as well as get more visibility into the impact of your contributions and the activity across the community. We will also localize Community pages to support your preferred display language. If you have feedback and ideas about improving and growing our community, we’d love to hear it so please don’t hesitate to submit it via “Send feedback” link on the bottom of the page.







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