Did Google+ decrease Gmail growth ? Profile no longer required! »

When you try to open an email, the last thing you want is to end up having a personal profile associated with it. Many people even have several emails, and if they are using Gmail that means they should also have several Google+ profiles!
It is annoying without a doubt, and it is one of the inflation factors of the Google+ user base, but now that Google is no longer focusing on it’s social network, the mandatory Google+

Gmail Integration might be hurting Gmail growth , a growth that was once sacrificed in order to make Google+ stronger, but now as Google’s social networks slides into the less important projects, Gmail sacrifice was no longer needed (see picture below)! Thus any new Gmail user can opt for not creating a Google profile at all … unless they decide to upload a video on Youtube or leave a review for a business.

According to a Google spokesman:

We updated the signup experience in early September. Users can now create a public profile during signup, or later, if and when they share public content for the first time (like a restaurant review, YouTube video or Google+ post).

Google Y, to build cities, airports, coming soon ? »

Google CEO Larry Page, have some long term plans for Google. Among these projects Page discussed building more efficient airports as well as a model cities.

To make these ideas happen, Mr. Page have proposed a second research and development lab, called Google Y, to focus on long term programs. Currently has a lab headed by Sergey Brin and is called Google X, it works on shorter term projects like Google Glass, or the self driving car .

Some of the other ideas propelled by Google CEO during Google 2.0 meetings, is increasing precision in location tracking to track “down to the inches.” Allowing people to identify those around them discreetly, and provide information to store owners to customize the experience, but probably more importantly to track analytically the results of their ads on their brand in real life.

NewsCorp, Google and Ask.com might have killed Myspace »

Brad Greenspan, a 10% investor in Intermix, the company that owned Myspace,  claims that MySpace should have been valued at $32 billion at the time of the 2005 sale, instead of $580 million.
He filed an anti-trust class action lawsuit against NewsCorp, Google and IAC, owner of Ask.com, alleging that collusion drove down the price of MySpace before its sale.

According to his allegations, wen the Yahoo search contract ended, Intermix refused to renew, Google also failed to enter a bid for the search engine contract because the company had secretly come to an agreement with IAC’s Ask.com to not bid until MySpace was acquired by NewsCorp. In return, Ask.com agreed not to poach any Google executives. The arrangement benefited NewsCorp, Google and Ask.com to the detriment of MySpace.

“News Corp also knew about the bid-rigging scheme because it was informed of it by Richard Rosenblatt, the CEO of Intermix (owner of MySpace) at the time, in exchange for News Corp’s offering Rosenblatt an officer position at News Corp.,” the court documents state.

“Rosenblatt not only informed News Corp about the bid-rigging scheme, but also further aided News Corp in assuring News Corp’s purchase of Intermix/MySpace at a severe discount by warding-off offers to purchase Intermix/MySpace from competing media company bidders.”

source of article

Youtube to pay it’s top channels to produce more! »

In the wake of upcoming competition from Facebook, and in order to increase the original content, YouTube is planning to invest millions in some of its biggest stars, in deals intended to encourage Youtube vblogging stars to keep working on YouTube instead of migrating to other platforms.

“Now, we feel the time is right to make another important investment in our creators. That’s why we’ve decided to fund new content from some of our top creators, helping them not only fulfill their creative ambitions but also deliver new material to their millions of fans on YouTube,” said a Youtube exec charged with this project.

Alibaba IPO stronger deman than expected, beats Facebook! »

Alibaba - Chinese e-commerce company started trading 38% above its initial offering price to close at $93.89, with a valuation of more than $231 billion, surpassing Facebook  by market capitalization on its first day as a public company (FB is worth$201.6 billion).

Alibaba now is the 4th biggest US traded tech company, preceded only by Google Inc, Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp.
Alibaba’s valuation also beats its U.S e-commerce rivals. Amazon with a valuation of $153 billion, and EBay valued at $65 billion.

Amazon 2 new Kindle Fire HD tablets for $99 & $139 »

Amazon launched 2 new Kindle Fire HD tablets,
6-inch model for only $99 & a 7-inch model for $139.

The screens are Gorilla glass, thus resistant to scratches & cracks.

The tablets, even though they are not waterproof, they could withstand sunscreen, and salt water or fresh water spray.

Color wise, there’s a variety of options (blue, bright green, magenta, black, and white) . 

Microsoft firing redundant employees, round 2 »

With 100,000 full-time employees, the addition of 25,000 employees acquired as part of the Nokia acquisition, Microsoft had to restructure to remove redundancy which will lead to firing approximately 18000 employee!

In July Microsoft fired 13,000 employees, many from it’s newly acquired Nokia division,  now a spokesperson confirmed the 2,100 employee were fired, including 747 from Washington state. The remaining cuts will be at other Microsoft locations worldwide, the spokesperson said. Another 900 jobs cut are planed by July 2015.
This comes according to plan  announced by Microsoft earlier.

Airbnb to require 14% in taxes for SanFrancisco users »

Let’s face it, the only problem authorities have with the sharing economy startups like Uber and Airbnb … is the reduction of revenue!

For Airbnb there seams to be a solution to that, or at least in San Francisco!

starting October 1, Airbnb will collect 14% in taxes from its hosts and and remit them to its hometown of San Francisco

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